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As I was traveling in Italy in May and did not upload photos to 500px, let’s go directly into June with my work focusing on Italy. Which ones are among the most popular? Let’s see…

#1, Perfect Sunset, Florence. GPS: 43°45’47.67″N 11°15’50.93″E

This is the birthplace of the Renaissance and is the blessed land with beautiful sunset. This shot was taken from observation deck and is one of the classical scenic locations in Florence. As the bloody sun slowly moving down, sky was decorated with colorful clouds. Tourists held their phones high above the head of people before them trying to record the precious moment. After the sun disappeared above horizon, the crowd gave an applause just like they did after a perfect show concluded on stage.

#2, Cinque Terre with Tides. GPS: 44° 6’25.81″N   9°43’38.58″E
With 20 miles strong wind, the giant tides gave out thunder-like sound when hitting the bay rocks.

#3, Hallway of St Mark’s Square in Venice. GPS: 45°26’0.89″N  12°20’13.84″E
Early morning is the only moment to snap a neat shot without crowded tourists. I was expecting some sunrise lights while it turned into overcastted sky. However, the warm lights in Hallway and the cool blue cloudy sky yields an interesting scene.


#4, Sunrise at Grand Canal, Venice. GPS: 45°25’54.10″N  12°19’44.19″E
A boat was carrying cargo to restaurants and shops in warm sunlight, preparing for another busy day. This shot was from Accademia Bridge, one of the classical scenic locations in Venice. I tried 3 morning at this location and was expecting colorful sky from sunrise. However, this is the best I got.

#5, Rome, Ruin and Colorful Clouds. GPS: 41°53’32.97″N  12°29’1.05″E
After thousands of years, the glory Rome Empire is long gone leaving only these ruins. The only eternity is the daily sunset, watching peacefully the changing of human history.

#6, Holy Lights in Vatican St Peter’s Basilica. GPS: 41°54’7.56″N 12°27’13.60″E
Besides extremely luxury and delicate interior decoration, the light beams through those windows located at the dome give a sacred atmosphere. It is the most holy catholic basilica I’ve ever seen.

#7, Busy Canal, Venice. GPS: 45°25’54.10″N  12°19’44.19″E
Same bridge, different moment. With countless boats in the canal, Venice is a sleepless city.

#8, Sunset at Vernazza, Cinque Terre. GPS: 44° 8’2.36″N  9°41’7.17″E

#9, Colossal, Rome. GPS: 41°53’26.16″N  12°29’27.03″E
Some Rome architectures are hard to believe to exist in this planet unless you actually see them. Colossal is one of them. Wild and historic.


#10, Venice.


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