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Every day, I pick up one of the photos I worked on to distribute to a handful of social media platforms as part of my work flow. Besides my website promotion, it is beneficial to understand what the regular people like. Among which, is the one I like most. The core algorithms of the platform ranks tens of thousands photos from that day by popularity (a number what they called ‘Pulse’). Eye catching images, even the author has zero followers, can make to the front page. It is true that the ranking does not fall in line with the artistry of the photo however it is a good reference and knowledge to understand what people or the market mainstreams love.

In March, my work focused on New England Foliage series, One World Trade Center and couple of mixed locations in New York.

Below photos are listed by Pulse value

New England Stowe Waterbury Reservoir foliage


Blend of sunset and dusk at One World Trade Center


New York midtown with Times Square


Empire State Building and midtown skyscrapers.


New York City downtown skyline


Three Bridges, Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge


New England Stowe Waterbury Reservoir foliage



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