New York City in Fog

It is rare to see heavy fog in New York City. Besides overcast and rainy days, what New York has is always crispy blue sky with white clouds. I’ve been looking for a Fog Manhattan Series for a long time until November 2014. When I woke up in early morning, the whole world is covered in white, thick fog. In couple of minutes, I got my gear loaded and rushed to this magic city. Everything went perfectly. Manhattan showed quite different look and turned into a dreaming land in such a heavy fog with numeric historic architectures and low cloud passing by. The fog lasted only for 4 hours while there were plenty of unforgettable scenes caught in my camera.

The first stop, Liberty Park at New Jersey water front.

40°42’31.81″N  74° 2’5.42″W
This is one of my favorite locations. Manhattan downtown business district sit right across Hudson River with countless skyscrapers and the new One World Trade Center. Looking further to left, the Empire State Building and midtown skyscrapers near 42nd street create unique city skyline.

Ferry boat and downtown business district in fog

Downtown skyscrapers

Skyscrapers in fog

The new One World Trade Center in cloud

Ferry, Empire State Building and midtown historic skyscrapers

The highest building in New Jersey, Goldman Sachs Building

Bench and skyscrapers

Abandoned dock

Panoramic view of downtown and midtown Manhattan

The second stop, September 11 memorial.

40°42’42.30″N  74° 0’46.95″W
The memorial is located at the old site of the World Trade Center Twin Tower. Tow giant water pools remind the world the exact location where two landmark skyscrapers ever stood.

New One World Trade Center stands behind the old site of Twin Tower.

Looking up in fog

Abstract lines of One World Trade Center and road lamp

The final stop, Brooklyn Bridge.

40°42’27.94″N  73°59’58.40″W. Completed in 1883, it connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and is one of the most iconic bridge ever built.

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