A photographic guide to Central Park, New York City (2)

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Bethesda Terrace (40°46’25.36″N 73°58’15.71″W), famous landmark of Central Park.

The famous fountain, Angel of Water.




Following tree-covered walkway to lakefront (0°46’31.53″N  73°58’19.89″W), there are many nice views featured with landmark Bow Bridge and luxury apartment building San Remo.

It is enjoyable to take a walk around the lake. 2-3 hours should be sufficient.

A view from walkway bridge with midtown skyscrapers and boats (40°46’43.25″N  73°58’18.02″W).

A stone walkway bridge looks pretty interesting although is not known to most people. (40°46’42.66″N  73°58’16.18″W).

Keep moving north, you will reach another famous landmark of Central Park, the Belvedere Castle, where ‘The Smurfs’ was filmed.(40°46’45.95″N  73°58’8.51″W)。

The platform on 3rd floor has stunning view of the pond and apartment buildings in east side of Central Park.

Continue heading north, there is a large lake, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir (40°46’55.73″N 73°57’39.76″W). Excellent view of both east and west side of park.

Central Park West side

East side



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