A photographic guide to Central Park, New York City (1)

Located in the heart of Manhattan Island, Central Park is the most visited urban park in America. It is also one of the most filmed locations in the world. The quiescent atmosphere in sharp contrast with the crowded urban skyscrapers surrounding the green land brings Central Park world-wide fame. You won’t feel like in the middle of the world famous metropolis when take a short break in Central Park.

Central Park surrounded by urban skyscrapers.


When Fall arrives, the lush colors from abundant tree species paint Central Park into a dream wonderland. Winter, while not as colorful as other seasons, gives Central Park a different look of white and holiness.
Fall and Winter in Central Park


There are numeric photographic locations in Central Park. Below I would like to go through some of my favorite sites.

Park south edge near 59 street (40°45’59.77″N  73°58’24.72″W) with urban skyscrapers, lake and bridge.


The little hill (40°45’59.13″N  73°58’23.38″W) at east of the lake has good overlook of the bridge, pond and skyscrapers.


The little stone bridge appeared in numeric movies including ‘Home Alone 2’.

North of the bridge at waterfront (40°46’2.26″N  73°58’26.08″W) has nice view too.

In Winter, the ice skating rink (40°46’5.51″N  73°58’28.02″W) is open to the public. People skate in front of midtown skyscrapers in holiday atmosphere.


Heading north, horse carriage is often seen in the road (40°46’11.56″N  73°58’26.78″W).


Sheep Meadow (40°46’15.68″N 73°58’24.84″W) is a giant lawn with wide-open view of midtown skyscrapers and city skyline.


The walkway nearby (40°46’20.55″N 73°58’18.11″W). Fallen leaves cover the grass lawn.

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