Foliage Trip to New England-White Mountain

White Mountain, mostly in New Hampshire, is part of the northern Appalachian Mountains and has the most rugged mountains in New England. The famous peak, Mt Washington, holds the record of the highest measured wind speed in human history (231 miles/hour).
The train ride to the peak (44°16’9.34″N 71°21’2.97″W) is a unforgettable experience and famous local attraction.



Following Hwy 302, there are quite a few scenic locations.



Colorful Silver Cascade Falls. (44°12’22.90″N 71°24’11.79″W)
This little waterfall is sitting right at the road side. Park your car at the parking lot and here it is. At peak season, the waterfall is surrounded by vibrant trees.



The other parking lot nearby (44°12’32.99″N  71°24’17.41″W) is facing mountain valley with lush yellow foliage.



Stay in Conway town is a good idea to fill gas and rest as it has everything you need. A state park nearby, Echo Lake State Park (44° 3’15.23″N  71° 9’20.20″W)
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Start from Conway following Hwy 112 (Kancamagus Hwy), it takes 3 hours to drive through White Mountain with stunning views.
It is interesting to see all colors are in the valley as at mountain top the weather is challenging. Only evergreen tree species such as cypress and pin tree are capable to survive.



Flume Gorge (44° 5’49.96″N  71°40’51.95″W), easy walkway, surely a place to take a break.
Cannon Mountain Tramway is nearby with absolutely breathtaking view(44°10’13.42″N  71°41’15.96″W).
Green at top and yellow in the valley as well.
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